The Fields Beneath

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2 thoughts on “The Fields Beneath”

  1. They sell ” Emperors New Doughnuts” awhile back whilst meandering around the area on a saturday on the way to a church sale up the road, i was in need of refreshment, and popped in was archetypal, as were the customers, i managed to purchase the last doughnut [ which i believe came from st johns ? which annoyed some yummy mummy next to me..and a coffee,…the doughnut was about £2.50… I would add doughnuts need to be made on the day..and eaten preferably on that day… it was hard and unlovely …
    musing on the £5 or so i spent…. I realised i was the doughnut …I’m sure it’s an absolutely perfect place for some…but not for me….

    1. Hi Gregg,
      We’re very sorry you didn’t have a good experience of the doughnut – they are from St.Johns, and are made fresh on the day we get them (which is currently only Saturdays). Regardless, you’re not a doughnut, and we owe you another. Please accept one on us, and a coffee, as a friendly way of bribing you back through our doors. Just tell us you’re the doughnut who bought a doughnut and wants his free doughnut. So we know it’s you.

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