Kentish Canteen

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2 thoughts on “Kentish Canteen”

  1. Went to the Kentish Canteen for breakfast yesterday and was very disappointed. Undeniably the food was better quality than your average greasy spoon, but the prices and attitude leave a great deal to be desired. The ‘Full’ english breakfast comes without a tea of coffee, something which, for me, is unforgivable, making the entire meal over £10. Compared with a larger helping and equally good ingredients at Renoir for £7.75. The proprietor was busying herself rather publicly and loudly telling the manager how to run the place, and indiscretely complaining about some customers. When I asked her about the beverage not being included she said they had never thought about it. Hmm, interesting that they would never have done any research into the competitor right next door to them, or the other 6 or so cafes in KT.

    Upon asking again after a request for boiled eggs instead of scrambled was messed up, we were told they didn’t do boiled eggs. Half the breakfast was cold.

    Verdict: over-priced and arrogant and false. D-, avoid the flock.

    Go to Renoir instead.

  2. I absolutely disagree! Kentish Canteen is always full during the week ends, the breakfast is amazing! Especially the Veggie full breakfast! It is organic, fresh & always served hot! The staff are always friendly & always welcoming. I have taken many friends to Kentish Canteen & they all love it too! I wouldn’t go to Renoir as it is always so dark & the food has not been that great when I’ve been there, Kentish Canteen is the way to go!……
    Verdict : worth it, friendly & so welcoming!! 🙂

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