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A new offering no Kentishtowner should be without…

We’re chuffed at the fledgling success of Kentishtowner, the buoyant cultural buzz in the area and the rejuvenated community spirit here. And now we’re hoping to support the growth of all those things even further with a brand new scheme.

Here’s how it works. For a small monthly contribution, you gain access to a range of attractive local benefits and money-saving deals, plus importantly, a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re directly supporting your favourite free daily publication while you’re at it.


A mere £2.50 a month Bronze membership is your passport to a world of secret discounts and exclusives at local shops, restaurants and pubs, plus members-only social events. Join up for £2.50 here


Silver members additionally receive one of our limited edition ‘Ich Bin’ t-shirts (worth £18) and have our print editions delivered to your door every issue. All this costs only £6 a month. Join for £6 here


And for those who want to play a key role in the continued success of all things Kentishtowner, Gold lifetime membership is available for £500, complete with framed artwork (worth £250) and beautiful local prints. Become a gold member

Print editions

We hope you agree this offers amazing value for anyone who lives, works or plays in and around NW5, and look forward to sending details of your first special advantages as a fully-fledged Kentishtowner member.

As with everything we do, this is an experimental idea on our path to becoming a successful, sustainable, totally new kind of publication. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “Join”

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Terms are essentially the standard Direct Debit ones, which mean you are in control and can cancel the monthly payments at any time. Obviously we hope that being a member proves so attractive and exciting that nobody will cancel for many years. Hope to see you at our first social drinks do…

  1. Is this really the way to be an inclusive part of Kentish Town, by starting a members club? Perhaps everyone who contributes to the local area could be invited to the social drinks (or other events), regardless of whether they are part of the “Kentishtowner” scene or not…

    1. Hi Fred – we wouldn’t normally approve a comment hiding behind a fake email address, however this is a good opportunity to clarify what we are trying to achieve here.

      Kentishtowner has happily become an all-consuming, full-time project for us at our small publishing house London Belongs To Me. It needs to generate revenue, or it will simply cease to exist. Feedback from readers on the role the site and monthly paper plays in their lives is overwhelmingly positive. They say it makes them feel an inclusive part of a genuine community.

      But like all professional publishers today, we are constantly struggling to find ways to remain viable in an era when people expect their media content to come free of charge.

      We feel that by offering readers a package of added value items such as carefully arranged special offers and the odd exclusive invite, the idea of making a small monthly financial contribution towards our work becomes more attractive.

      If you have any other suggestions for how we might achieve sustainable income levels, then we would genuinely like to hear them. All best, Team K-Towner.

      1. It’s not a fake address, it is my email address. All I’m asking is that you don’t co-opt Kentish Town. There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, and I think your website is a valuable local resource too. I wouldn’t read it otherwise. However, I find myself increasingly alienated by the “Kentishtowner” brand, which seems at odds with my understanding of the aims of the website when I began reading it over 2 years ago now. Perhaps I was just naive to think that articulate people might blog about their local area without it having to become a professional endeavour. All the best, Fred.

  2. It began life, of course, as a blog back in 2010 but has been a full time daily publication for well over 18 months now. And hopefully all the better for it. We’re baffled as to why you should be critical of it being a “professional endeavour” when we, as a team of three professional journalists, work long days to deliver free quality content both online and in print (on everso tight budgets). What do you do for a living? Would you do it unpaid? Worth a thought. Anyway, thanks for reading us and best wishes.

  3. Margaret Roberts

    Dear KT

    Great that you have done this!!

    Do you only cover Kentish Town, not North London?

    I would be interested in doing a little work for you if needed on either a voluntary basis or badly paid.!!

    Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a writer, journalist, sub, traveller, artist, touch typist, guitar player and singer, masseuse, raconteur, comedian, erudite, interesting, ageless, basic exercise freak, gardener, eco friendly, chatterer, wine sampler et al. London has been my home base for thirty yearsI

    I know the local area well, used to be a reporter on the Camden Chronicle, have worked at the blasted carbuncle that is the Royal Free, worked with Acland Burghley on Art Projects and so on.

    Would you like something along the lines of a kentish towner abroad? For example I am now exiled in Lanzarote. There are a lot of Brits and Irish here, the beer is cheap.

    All the best

    Maggie Roberts

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