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6 thoughts on “Contact & Community Standards”

  1. Hi, My name is Mona and I emailed my CV for an internship/work experience. who can i speak to regarding the process of my application?

  2. I picked up a copy of the kentishtowner yesterday on St Patrick’s day at Annie’s bar whilst visiting Kentish Town . I say visiting because after 18 years of living in NW5, my two children were born there, I had to leave 13 years ago because it became too expensive. I’m still angry after all this time and now I can only see things are getting worse with the gentrification of the area, the monneyed middle-class claiming more and more of it. The last straw is of course the closure of the Bull and Gate pub for yet another gastropub. See: the middle-class couldn’t give two f**ks about small venues and r ‘n r in general. However, what’s going to happen is the slow death of cultural London as we know it, making place to a museum town living on past pretence. Tragic. Thank God for the Irish who, once a year, give us a sense of what it should be all about.

  3. Ever thought about doing a singles thing to help out the unlucky in love kentish towners? Or a job post to help with local jobs?

  4. I am searching for a back copy of one of your Kentishtowner’s in it was an article about The Cross Nightclub. If at all possible may I have a hard copy of this paper please. I used to work at The Cross Club from its inception to it’s closure.
    I am currently working at the Busworks as a Security Guard so I’m easy to contact from Thursday nights through to Sunday Night.

  5. David farrant and sean manchester are best mates along with Gareth j medway, they phone and meet up with eachother to discuss how to manipulate the publiy, for amusement and to sell books ect, I was(David farrants son) Jamie farrants lodger, Jamie pretends to hate manchester too, his mum Mary got him and Danny away from Davi and they used the name coster, after being exposed for raping young boys, Jamie lost his local popularity in Netley abbey Southampton, and got together with Medway Manchester and his father instantly joining the fun as they call it, Jamie farrant told Manchester himself about his mums move to Southampton, name change ect, they laugh at the publi believing them.

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