Is your mouth watering at this image? Then head to Borough Market…. Photo: PR

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s folk who occasionally add a splash of semi-skimmed to a dark cup of builders’ tea, we can’t think of anything less appealing than this – but milk tasting is, we have learnt today, an actual thing.

And a real live session is actually taking place in September at Bedales bar in Borough Market.

Some backstory? Well, family-run Scottish dairy called Graham’s has become the first UK dairy to appoint a milk sommelier. Seriously. Your morning coffee and cornflakes are about to become a lot more interesting – at least that’s what they reckon.

Wine sommelier Doug Wood has been hired by the dairy to turn his expert nose to the notes and flavours subtly present in some of Graham’s creamiest milks. From “white chocolate and vanilla to almond and grassy” tones, Wood has sniffed, sipped and swirled the Graham’s Organic and Gold ranges, to unlock the aromas present in each product.

At the tasting you can hear Doug talk about how he’s identified some perfect food pairings. Here are a few to, um, whet your appetite.


Doug’s four matched milk-and-food pairings

Semi-Skimmed is a lighter milk that’s “full-flavoured with grassy notes and a hint of sweetness”, says Doug. Pair with “a wholesome, gravy soaked cottage pie and a side of seasonal vegetables”.

Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk, balanced and fresh, is a “full palate, fragrant with hints of buttermilk, vanilla and a touch of almond”. What better accompaniment to “a chocolate cookie, soft in the middle and warm from the oven?”

Organic Whole Milk with Cream at the Top is richer in flavour, with “smooth, creamy notes of white chocolate and panna cotta and a hint of grass towards the end”. This cooling milk will “soothe the palate after a fiery, flavoursome lamb jalfrezi.”

Gold Top has “fruity undertones” and a “great clarity of flavour. Closer in texture to single cream than milk and naturally sweet”, Gold Top is the perfect wholesome accompaniment to everyone’s classic family favourite, a Sunday roast chicken dinner. [/box]

Dry-mouthed now with anticipation? Wet your lips at the event below, cats. 

[box] The Milk Tasting night takes place at Bedales, Borough Market SE1 which will be transformed into a ‘Milk Bar’ for one night only, Wednesday 6th September, 6-8pm. [/box]

July 31st 2017 update: Since this post was published we have been informed by the organisers that the event is now a private tasting and not in fact open to the public. Future events are being planned and will be ticketed, so if interested in attending follow @grahamsdairy