Builders working on this shop refit in Brecknock Road have uncovered another classic shop sign that harks back to Kentish Town’s merchant past. It might be a little more utilitarian than the flourished script that emerged – and then lead to the christening of – the hood’s favourite kebab shop, E.Mono, but the uncovering of D. Hill is an equally enthralling window on our local history.

The shop, situated next door to cheekily named bakery Crusty Bloomers, has sat unoccupied and unloved for a few years now, so it’s nice to see something happening on the site again.

But what is planned for the site? It looks like a fairly dramatic referb job, missing roof ‘n all. Will the sign be preserved as it so popularly was in E.Mono’s case? Might we be eating ‘D. Hill’ kebabs in a few months time?! And can anyone shed some historic light on the nature of the old Hill business at this location?

We’ll follow the story and we’d love to hear from you all…

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