Roundhouse or Wheelbarrow? The Forum or Heroes? Proud Galleries or Blues Kitchen? Black Heart or Koko? Bull & Gate or Lock Tavern? Downstairs at The Torriano or upstairs at The Oxford? What about Barfly?

God knows why this category slipped through the net. We blame the dog; or maybe the mulled cider. Still, our corner of North London is far too much of a live music hotbed to exclude a gong, so email us your suggestions, votes and favourites at [email protected] or add your thoughts below in the comments.

Results will be published after Xmas.

Till then, enjoy the festivities.

6 Responses

  1. Robin Stevens

    It has to be the Bull and Gate. Live music with three or four bands every night, splendid layout, just right.

  2. Gen

    The Lock Tavern – the Idle Fret nights are the best (free too!). Used to love the Flowerpot before it disappeared.

  3. Kentishtowner

    Love the Lock Tav. What do you think about the Wheelbarrow? We like, although they should’ve kept it nearer Kentish Town in our opinion. But we would say that.

  4. John

    Defiantly Barfly, So much history! Seen some of my favourite bands there (on the way up and on the way down!)

  5. fiona

    This is like trying to choose a favourite gallery or a favourite colour..pretty impossible as they all become more of what they are in comparison to the things around them (channelling last night’s port, sorry). I haven’t been to the Wheelbarrow yet but I miss the Flowerpot; properly eclectic, very friendly and free. And of course the Bull and Gate, on a packed night, still excellent. The big venues are all fantastic; not somewhere you can stumble into every night but how incredible to have them all on the doorstep. Underworld and Dublin Castle still successfully doing what it says on the tin. And all the little tiny, slightly unexpected places..upstairs at the Oxford, downstairs at Torriano, Under Bar Solo, punk nights downstairs at Made in Brasil, and even stuff upstairs at O’Reillys…incredible. So much music.
    Anyway, the place that seems not only most in keeping with the general musical spirit of Camden/Kentish Town but started a large part of it off, has to be..the Barfly. Still going in the same spirit it started with. So I think that’s my number one.
    How come everyone else manages to answer these questions in one sentence?


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