Walking casually down Castlehaven Road the other weekend we chanced upon a photo shoot in progress. It was an otherwise drab afternoon, but the studio lights bathing the pavement drew our attention, as they had done a small gaggle of others.

Such inquisitiveness was being rewarded with the opportunity to have a professional portrait taken for free – including a print – and all the while on the way to Sainsbury’s.

Free Portrait Studio is a pop-up project by local artist Jason Wilde, whose work has – somewhat impressively – graced the Tate Modern and the NPG. He’s a staunch supporter of the local community, with previous projects focused on Somers Town, and the majority of his Free portraits to date shot in Camden.

We love the honest depictions of life and style in our borough, where expression, clothing and posture reveal so much. We can see why this is a project that has no defined end point yet.

Jason is running his final pop-up studio of the year today at Kentish Town Heath Centre, from 2pm-6pm.

If you have a portrait taken do let us know how you get on…

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